ilocalMe is a mobile communication service and solution, which allows international travelers to access the mobile Internet worldwide and enjoy their online and voice activities even more. International travelers who access the mobile Internet abroad will never be hampered by buying local SIM cards or paying for high data roaming costs in more than 140 countries around the world.

Total connection and connectivity to simply travel

With the adoption of CloudSIM technology, it will automatically connect to the best local network instantly. You can enjoy a fast and stable Internet connection once it starts. Breaks the single network limitation rule. Travelers can now travel around the world with a single device that will broaden their horizons.

ilocalMe means "internet", "Local" and "Me", which indicates that everyone can enjoy connectivity and the local network everywhere. With the fairer and more competitive local rate, it makes "Connect Global, Local Pay" come true.

The primary objective of ilocalMe, is to allow people to enjoy the best mobile data connection and service regardless of when or where they are. For more information about ilocalMe, visit