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  • All our systems and networks are operational - ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME THROUGH OUR PLATFORM > (12 to 24 HOURS Min Approx) Take this information into account before placing your order.


ilocalMe Inside

Through the joint development with third-party mobile phone manufacturers, the ilocalMe Cloud SIM mobile data service can be incorporated into the smartphone by updating the software and without modifying the hardware. It makes the mobile phone come with the characteristics of mobile data traffic.

Users only need to buy the mobile data service in the mobile application preinstalled on the smartphone. Then, they can enjoy the mobile Internet service through the ilocalMe data network without consuming the SIM data traffic on the mobile phone. This is called ilocalMe Inside Service.

ilocalMe has its unique advantages by providing a local and international mobile network service, providing a better user experience to end users.

After the joint development of ilocalMe Inside, the subsequent operations of the mobile network service mainly include the following three models:

1. ilocalMe is responsible for the operation of the data service independently, the phone manufacturers will receive the initial installation fee of the mobile application or a certain percentage of revenue shared in the data traffic.

2. The data service operations are jointly managed by both parties and the data traffic revenue will be allocated according to a certain proportion.

3. ilocalMe provides technical and platform support, while data service operations are managed by partners or designated third-party companies.

Global Mobile Data

ilocalMe Mobile Data Service provides network connectivity services for global travelers. By using mobile devices that support ilocalMe Cloud SIM technology, which include: the ilocalMe Inside World Phone portable WiFi device or global phone, users can connect to the local mobile Internet in more than 140 countries and regions without changing the SIM card or use data roaming service.

Users do not need to sign long-term contracts, they can buy and use data at any time. The price of the service provided by uCloudlink is close to that of local users, which is very attractive compared to the cost of international roaming.

Local Mobile Data

ilocalMe also provides local network connectivity service to consumers and offers the following competitive advantages:

First, based on the patented Cloud SIM technology, it reduces several limitations of users' network access. The devices will flexibly select and connect the best network signal according to the instantaneous network coverage of the location, in order to maintain the best experience. This advantage will be more significant in some countries or regions where they have a big difference in the coverage area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach operator.

Second, ilocalMe has developed extensive cooperation with more than 200 large mobile operators worldwide, the demand for massive data traffic and the operating model of the shared data traffic group. All of the above features make ilocalMe have the ability to provide more cost-effective network connectivity services for end users.

In addition, for some companies that have high requirements for the use of mobile data in daily work. IlocalMe mobile network services can reduce business operating costs and provide additional benefits, such as improved management capabilities and improved work efficiency.

IoT Integration

With the rapid growth of the Internet of things, more traditional machines and devices have network requirements. However, there are many limitations when connected to traditional data lines or plug-in networks. Therefore, ilocalMe is committed to applying Cloud SIM technology to the IoT M2M solution and cooperates with leading intelligent module manufacturers to launch a series of intelligent module products that support the ilocalMe Cloud SIM solution. It can be integrated and widely applied to industrial routers, wireless / CPE routers, walkie-talkie, POS machines, vending machines and other equipment.

The integration of intelligent modules with Cloud SIM allows terminal devices to have global access and solves traffic related problems. The devices come with global data traffic features and can connect to the mobile Internet once the devices are started.

Without wasting time and resources to obtain and install SIM cards, device production and solution implementation can be completed quickly worldwide.

The smart network selection function can connect the device to the best signal among service operators, which is not limited by a single network. It improves the overall coverage of the network and solves the problem of insufficient coverage of a single operator. It can also help the rapid expansion of the business.

In addition, ilocalMe opens its PaaS platform to partners and customers. The network status, traffic usage, location tracking and other related information of all devices can be consulted in real time. Perform remote monitoring of global terminals and create a unique connection experience.

PaaS Management

The ilocalMe partners can manage their authorized business operations through the PaaS administration platform, including the review and control of the device's login status, the use of data traffic, data configuration, etc. They can also customize the configuration of devices, accounts and data packages.

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